Jordan’s Story

My Grandson has been Stolen from Us

Jordan Ray Michael Wardell (Mallory)
Born: April 3, 2013, at Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) Astoria, Oregon

The afternoon of 12/3/13  Jordan’s dad received a text message … “I’m taking him to the ER, the right side of his head is swollen  .. that was at 4:30 pm (PST).  While we were on our way, after not hearing any news, his dad got the call saying that Jordan had a SKULL FRACTURE.


His mother screamed “Oh My God, I’m going to jail, Oh My God, I’m going to jail”,  loud enough for both my son and I to hear.  Not his dad, or her new bf… I’m going…, and she did … briefly.

By the time we were finally allowed in to see him, the Dr’s announced, it wasn’t just one .. but TWO skull fractures.  Turns out it’s actually a piece of skull dislodged. I am Jordan’s Grandmother, and when I heard that, I collapsed in tears and disbelief.

Jordan had swelling and bleeding on the brain, the Dr’s consulted with OHSU / Dorenbecker Childrens Hospital in Portland, Or. It was decided they would send a team from Portland,  It was that serious.

So why didn’t his mother call 911??  Why did they call her new bf’s mom ??  Why didn’t the initial Dr’s and staff at CMH immobilize him when they found not one but TWO skull fractures?? Dr’s at Columbia Memorial Hospital still have some explaining to do.

Oddly, the new bf’s mom told investigators that she was called to come over and look and said it didn’t seem that serious. The deputy portrayed her to us as “someone with EMT/medical training”, that is NOT correct.  She did drive them to the Urgent Care clinic 1st, BEFORE they were told the clinic wouldn’t treat a head injury and sent them to the ER.

What time did they call her?  When did they arrive at the clinic ??  HOW LONG DID JORDAN WAIT while they dragged him around, in and out of the car … with a skull fracture ?? Not just one  .. but TWO .

Is it just me, or does anyone else see something wrong with this picture??

We waited for the OHSU “Panda” team  to arrive (2 hours from Portland) and begin their assessment of Jordan. Immediately they determined he needed to be transported to Dorenbecker Children’s Hospital and began to stabilize him for transport.

Unbeknownst to us, Jordan’s mother told the hospital she had picked him up from his dad’s the day before (1st lie).  She also mentioned there  was a restraining order, but FAILED to say it was for JORDAN’S Dad’s protection FROM her, so of course the hospital called the police and kept us from seeing Jordan until we produced the actual restraining order against HER.

cmh intake

Not only did she take him to a different county, she took him to a different state for medical treatment, so it was nearly impossible for the  Hospital or local P.D.  to verify w/out Dad’s copy of the restraining order.  We hadn’t dreamed we needed to take it with us.  Dad had to call family,  who was waiting at home to have dinner, and have them bring it to the hospital 45 mins. away.

There is a hospital in the same state, within 15 minutes of her residence, yet they drove 45 mins. to another state and  took him to a clinic BEFORE the ER??

Again, Is it just me, or does any one else have questions about their actions??

1524824_584343054975723_1758977716_n_002Father and son both have injuries to the right side of their head/face. Jordan also had a mark on his right arm,  it appeared to be a thumb and fingers wrapped around his arm, it is noted in the Hospital records. The mark appears to have been made from a very small hand, not that of a large man.

Jordan and his Father are BOTH victims of a crime committed against them.  Jordan’s Father went to the arraignment for Kandiss Wardell and begged the Judge to protect Jordan after she assaulted him and committed Domestic Violence against him on August 5th, 2013.  Her arraignment was 4 days later and there WAS a restraining order issued on Aug. 6, 2013 for Michael’s protection, but it did not even mention Jordan or his existence.  When Jordan’s dad PLEADED with the judge to include Jordan, Kandiss’ Wardells attorney, the same one who is still representing her in this case against her for child abuse, Nancy McAlister, said to Judge Goelz, “Let family court handle it”  … Excuse me ?? they could have protected my grandson and DIDN”T .. andnow his father is being accused of failing to protect him.. HE WENT TO THE JUDGE and begged … what more could he do ??? and now he stands accused of failing to protect his son .. In whose world is this OK????


Someone who is right handed, typically would have left marks on the person’s LEFT side .. not RIGHT, as in the case of both photos above. And YES, she is left handed.

All the while …   back in the ER exam room they were passing Jordan around, between Mom, BF and nurses, he was not immobilized.  They knew he had 1 fracture and we were eventually told he had 2 skull fractures AND a compression fracture of his spine.  THE HITS JUST KEPT COMING.

Finally after what seemed like hours, they ushered her and her bf out, and allowed us in to see Jordan.  She had her head covered and was looking at the ground, she couldn’t even make eye contact. She still wouldn’t answer the question “What happened to Jordan?”

She has continued to say that she doesn’t know what happened to Jordan for the 29 hours that he was in her care before he ended up with 2 skull fractures, we still don’t know what the ‘compression fracture’ turned out to be. CPS has not shared any medical information with us.  Grandparents have no rights in Washington State, that is something that needs to change.

How can a mother say that she doesn’t know??  Wasn’t she paying attention to him???  Why, if he was up during the night did she testify that she slept ??? and that her new bf could have been alone with him ?  Could have ???  If she wasn’t up with her sick child who was ?? What mother expects a new bf of just 2 months (he was released from prison October 5th) to take care of her sick child ??

hold jordan alot11:47 the day he went to ER.

Dad  had to text her and ask how he was, (he’d had a cough and fever the night before), and she asks “Do you or anybody else hold him?? because that’s all he wants?”  Who doesn’t hold an 8 month old who’s been teething and had a fever? At NO time does she mention any problem w/a swollen head, she says he’s better.

The conversation w/dad ended abruptly after a disagreement about Jordan’s pictures from her always being naked on the floor  yet she’s always complaining he’s got a cough or he’s sick … “Your right”, she texts, not once, but twice.

kandiss your right


kandiss your right2

4 hours later his head is swollen and she’s taking him to the ER.  Where did she send this text from  if they took him to the clinic before taking him to the ER??   Was this sent from the Clinic or from home ?? Before they called the bf’s mom or after? Why can’t anyone answer our questions??

The expert from OHSU testified that Jordan was beat in the head with a blunt object, repeatedly.  There was a “significant’ periotal  fracture on the Right side of Jordan’s head, the swelling from Astoria to Portland increased in size rapidly.  He also testified to bruising as being ‘pattern’ bruising linear / horizontal in thin lines, a bruise in his ear,  his right jaw line and 2 bruises on his right upper arm.  At no time did Kandiss tell the Drs about the ‘fall in the kitchen’ that apparently ocurred the night of the 2nd after he returned home.

The picture on the right in just minutes before leaving dad’s house w/mom’s friends who transported him both times she claims he was injured before he got to her house.  They testified in court that when they dropped him off at her house he appeared fine, but that he fell in the kitchen after they dropped him off.

jordan 29 hours later

CPS has had additional experts review the records and have concluded that the injury occured within 10 hours of being admitted to the hospital, while he was in his mother’s home.

She told investigators at 4:00 pm she noticed he didn’t wake up from his nap, however in  other conversations to his dad she said,  he’s only been sleeping 20 minutes at a time.

Who put him down for a nap?? What time ?? Who else was present at the house during that time ?? Did he fuss and someone went to check on him?? Why is the blanket from his crib bloodstained?? Why hasn’t the detective brought that to the Judges attention ??

After weeks (5 or 6) the friend who did actually transport Jordan to his mothers home FINALLY told the deputy that Jordan had a fall in the kitchen as he was pushing his walker,  the night he got to his mothers.  All 4 witnesses said he fell backwards, not on his right side.  We were told they all said he was barefoot, yet she posted on FB (Facebook)  he was wearing socks (another lie?).

kandiss convo Victorea fall

The Dr’s and evidence say that is NOT how the fracture could have occurred,  So, she’s changed her story again, to … he had it when he came from Dad’s … but her own friends that transported him, testified that he was fine when they delivered him to her home the day before AND after the spill in the kitchen behind the walker.

Mom took photos of Jordan with Legos and posted later “for documentation these were taken at 10:02 pm the night Jordan came home from his dad’s” he’s happy and playing w/new legos.


Jordan’s mother also made allegations that he had other bruising from  just before Thanksgiving 2013.  She provided pictures to CPS and the investigating Deputy. They were not the same as what she sent Jordan’s dad when  she said he had a bruised cheek.  And then 2 days later in a text message, said he bumped it on the table leg at her house.  So which is it ?? Did he bump his head on the leg of the table and she forgot at first but then remembered 2 days later ?? or as she’s now telling investigators, he had it when he returned to her house.


These same friends of hers transported Jordan this time also, did they abuse him on the trip to her ?? Or was he just fine again ?? Has anyone even bothered to ask them ?? It’s been nearly 6 months and they still continue to believe her claims that these injuries occurred at his dads and they transported him injured and didn’t notice.  Really???   Twice they transported an injured child and didn’t notice ??? If they did notice, why did they not report it ??

Insert ** Text bumped head on table leg**

**Insert Photo bump on cheek**

Jordan’s mom and new bf had recently moved and they relied on others to pick Jordan up because of the restraining order preventing his mother from going within 300′ of his dad’s residence.  Meaning that mom could NOT have picked Jordan up like she told the hospital.  Why did she start out w/a lie ???

After Mom beat Dad, on his Birthday last August and was arrested for Domestic Violence, Mom DID NOT  tell the judge about Jordan and he was not protected from her abusive behavior by the Restraining Order that is automatically issued for victims.  Jordan’s dad went to her Arraignment and pleaded with the Judge to address the fact that she hadn’t mentioned there was a child involved, only that they worked together.  Her attorney said “Let Family court decide”, and the restraining order was not modified even tho Jordan’s Dad pleaded with the Judge. Who remembers to tell the Judge that you work together, but forgets to mention the child you have together ???

The trip to Portland and OHSU Hospital was the longest drive ever, it’s normally 2 hours but it seemed like forever.  Once we finally arrived, Jordan’s mom and her mother were in the exam room with him.  Again we waited, for a social worker, to take a look at the paperwork (restraining order) it seemed like hours before they finally ushered her out and let Jordan’s dad and I back to see him.  Her mother, Jordan’s other grandma was still there, she stood barely recognizable, like a wooden soldier with a finger extended barely touching Jordan.

A police officer came in to talk to Jordan’s dad and they went out into the hallway to continue their conversation. The nurse was checking all the monitors and Jordan was screaming, in pain.  If I could have crawled in next to him to cuddle him, I would have. I stroked his face and the other side of his head and whispered to him to try and comfort him.  They finally gave him something for the pain, it was about  6 hours since he’d been taken to the ER and this was the first they were giving him anything for the pain.  As far as we could tell, medication had been withheld until he had been evaluated.

While Jordan’s dad was talking to the officer in the hallway, the rest of the family was in the waiting room, watching as Jordan’s mom was patted down by the Hospital/Campus police,  the social worker came and got her mother, who later returned and took Jordan’s diaper bag ?? She went with Jordan and the orderlies for  the first of hourly MRI’s, then disappeared.  We thought that it was very odd to take Jordan’s diaper bag and leave.  What was in that bag ?? evidence ?? drugs ?? We will never get those answers.

Jordan’s mother was arrested by Hospital/Campus police, for violating the restraining order and taken to the Multnomah County Jail, where she remained until 12/5/13, this was the first time she was arrested for violating the restraining order. She just found out her 8 month old son has 2 skull fractures, does she look concerned or worried or distraught??


She was released on 12/5/13 and told by CPS case worker not to return to the hospital or she would be re-arrested.  I have a lot of questions about this as well .. why did he tell her that?? The restraining order was only good 300′ from Dad’s home, so why did the campus police arrest her?? and why did the CPS case worker tell her she would be re-arrested if she tried to return to the hospital ??  What did they know that they aren’t telling us ??

Throughout the next day, 12/4,  Jordan’s dad met with Dr’s for hours trying to determine what happened to Jordan.  We never saw the Dr’s interview Jordan’s mom, she was in jail, they may have interviewed her by phone, we have no idea. The nurses kept coming into the room asking if his Godmother was Mom ??  It was during this time that CPS went to a Judge and got a  court order ex-parte, before ever hearing the family’s side of anything, and took custody.

Jordan’s dad was crushed. He was in shock and disbelief, his son had been abused, he had 2 skull fractures, he was hooked to all sorts of tubes and wires and then .. bam …The hospital staff told us we had to leave.

I collapsed and they had to bring Dr’s in to evaluate me for my heart condition.  I had to have nitroglycerine, I was in such distress.  They admitted later,  they could have done things differently, however we were escorted out of the PICU and told to leave the Hospital.  WHY????

Jordan’s dad called the case worker to ask what in the world was happening, his son was still in PICU and needed him.  He told us that w/out supervision, no one could be w/Jordan.  We went to Jordan’s Great-Uncle’s home, he is a Washington State Approved Foster Parent, we had him speak to the case worker who verified they were in fact Approved Foster Parents and said that if one of them accompanied us, he would clear it with the Hospital Staff, we immediately returned to the Hospital, in Portland, Or.

CPS has known from the beginning that Jordan’s dad has State approved Foster Parents in his family, and that we, his parents, Jordan’s Grandparents,  have been cleared to be part of that home for overnight visits.   Yet to this day, 5 months later, Jordan remains in Foster Care with strangers. The case worker is also aware that we took the necessary classes to become Foster Parents and are completing background checks, again. The case worker finally notified the court on 5/6/14 about the Foster parents in the family and that we were going thru the process to have Jordan placed in Relative Care, it came as quite a shock to Mom’s lawyer.  The case worker told the court that the mother has not identified ANY relative for them to check and clear for relative care.  Her sole support is the babysitter of 3 months.

Her Father and Grandfather and Uncle and Uncle’s Girlfriend all live on the same property that she and her bf and Jordan were living at when Jordan got hurt, but they have never been to visitation, they did not go to his birthday party, they have not gone to any court hearings.  WHY ???

We started the Foster Parent classes w/out the case workers knowledge just after the first court hearing (Jan 2014)  and we felt he was not pleased when he learned we were taking them.  We felt that we had to know the system to fight the system, or try to help change it.

We didn’t see our grandson for 2 months (an additional 2 weeks). We missed his first Christmas.  The tree,  still decorated and with his presents underneath, is still waiting for him to come home. He will never wear the Onsie his dad got him “Baby’s First Christmas”.

She’s been out to the Bars, even been arrested at the one near dad’s home, it’s within the 300′ radius of his home, she’s posted winning lottery tickets from a bar in Oregon, then claims she’s so broke.  This is like a vacation for her, just like when she would leave Jordan with the babysitter for days on end.  Jordan’s dad rarely used the babysitter, maybe that is why she’s mom’s sole support ?? She has told friends that SHE intends to adopt Jordan??? WHAT??? She babysat for 3 months and now she’s going to adopt someone else’s child ??

The sheriff’s department said he was in Protective Custody, while they conducted their investigation. For 6 weeks, no one saw Jordan but the caseworker and Foster parents.  When his dad did finally see him, he had a diaper rash that was so inflamed, when the case worker saw it, he said it should be tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  WHY ??

What would make the case worker say he wanted it tested for STD’s ??? And we’re supposed to trust the Foster Parents now ??  He did not have the rash at Mom or Dads or for the week in the Hospital.

He had a bump on his head for his first Birthday from Foster care, and our visits have been cancelled several times because he’s sick.  They just cancelled visitation today too, on my Birthday, and I’m devastated. He may have strep from the Foster parents kids.  Last time they cancelled visitation was when his brother and sister were here for spring break, they did squeeze in a visit the day they were leaving and we were very grateful.

Does anyone else know how hard it is to get to see your grandson once a week when you know you didn’t do anything to hurt them, and all you want to do is wrap them in your arms and protect them???

To this day .. 5 months later, the Deputy has NEVER spoken to us, yet they say they have concluded their investigation. That is what they have  told Jordan’s dad and apparently the CPS case worker.

It is the mandate of this state that children are reunited with family, so why is Jordan still in Foster Care?  Fact is they want a confession, they have said so from the beginning and until they get one, Jordan won’t be coming home.  We have been told that by the investigating Deputy and Case worker multiple times.  We can’t confess to what we don’t know.  And they know we don’t know.  His mother continues to deny what happened and this was her “Mothers day” wish…


How is it in Jordan’s best interest to keep him from the family that loves him and wants him home where he can be safe and protected.  We recently learned that the PCSO’s deputy said nearly 2 months ago .. they are fairly certain the injury occurred in her home, and concluded their investigation.  In Family Court, we were told it’s the preponderance of evidence that matters.  So why is Jordan still not home ???

Insert cps/pcso update 3/5/14 (4 mos after report of injury).

She made allegations against his dad, of a previous incident,  however when reviewing text messages between the parents it is clear that again, he was in her home for over 24 hours before she ‘noticed’ something that concerned her.  Again, he had been up off and on all night and nothing would console him. Again, her bf and not his mother was up w/him. A felon w/drug, burglary and assault charges, which they both lied about.  Had we known about his record, there is NO way he would have been allowed around Jordan.


Insert** 11/27 text messages and photo of cheek bump

Everyone returned home 12/5/13 in order to attend the Family meeting scheduled at the Family Services Office in Long Beach, Wa.  on 12/6/13.

We woke up to snow on the coast, several of the people expected  from CPS did not attend the meeting in person, they attended by phone due to weather. We still do not know who these people were.  Jordan’s Great Aunt and Great Uncle (Wa. State Approved Foster Parents) drove over from Vancouver, Wa. that morning to attend the meeting.

We were given 45 minutes … to state our ‘case’ for Jordan’s life. That was it. Even my brother was stunned, 45 minutes. 

It seems like that is all we have ever been given, the Judge has told us as Grandparents, we have no rights to speak, he’s gone so far as to have the case worker tell us we’re disruptive and if we try to speak out again, we will be barred from future court appearances.

We were told by the Foster Parent class instructors (one a 25 year CPS case worker and the other a 26+ year Foster Parent)  to plead our case to the Judge, we don’t know who to listen to or where to turn.  That .. or things are very different in this little county  out in the boondocks vs. the big city, either way it’s still in the same state, at least I sure thought it was.

The state had custody, and it didn’t seem to matter what anyone from the Father’s side of the family had to say, they had already made their determination.

It seems as if they are literally trying to STEAL OUR GRANDSON away from us.

Where is the Justice for Jordan ???

1504419_653501698035163_362443845_oJordan minutes before leaving Dads on 12/2/13, he is happy healthy and uninjured.

There is a lot of back history to this story:

Mike M.  (Father) and Kandiss W.  (Mother) worked together at Jessie’s, in Ilwaco from July 2011 to present. Kandiss was dating T.,  her Boss’ son,  when they first met.  Mike moved in to an apartment, June 2012. Not long afterwards  Kandiss came over to Mikes claiming that T. had beaten her and asking Mike to help by letting her stay with him. Later Mike found out, from S.S., that she caught Kandiss in the bathrooms at “The Cove” Fisherman’s Cove RV & Trailer Park, beating herself up and tearing out a chunks of her own hair, T.  hadn’t beat her.

Kandiss got drunk and drove someone else’s scooter and crashed it. A pregnancy test at the ER before X-Rays for an injury, is how she found out she was pregnant. She drank and didn’t recall what happened until friends reminded her what she had done.


We had known Kandiss about 2 years when Jordan was born, we hadn’t met her family. I met her Grandmother, in her car at the curb; once, very briefly. Her grandmother died just after Thanksgiving 2012 while Kandiss was pregnant.  On 12/3/12 Kandiss posted  … wishing that she wasn’t pregnant and could just drink,  exactly 1 year prior to the day that Jordan’s skull was fractured. Was she depressed and melancholy … Missing her Gram.

Insert  **


Is that why she posted on her sister-in-laws- FB page at 1:09 the very day “… wanna vent??”

sis in law's page .. wanna vent??

She sent a text to a friend “I just want to break shit .. I swear it makes me feel better”, this was sent after Jordan’s injury but it still shows her anger and how she deals with it.

Kandiss, Mike and his brother,  were supposed to come to spend Thanksgiving 2012 with us. Kandiss spent it w/her gram instead because the boys were both sick. Kandiss had taken Mike to the ER Thanksgiving morning because he was throwing up.

Kandiss had been told just 2 days before that, she had C-Diff (intestinal MRSA) and was highly contagious. She was concerned that Mike had gotten it. Apparently she wasn’t worried about being contagious at her Grams house?? Her gram died shortly after … On 12/3/12. she was upset and posted none of her friends had called and she wished she wasn’t pregnant.  Exactly One year later Jordan’s skull was fractured due to a Non-Accidental injury.  5 months later and Still no one will tell how.

Kandiss told us that her gram said she told her son’s, she wasn’t feeling well, like when she had her first heart attack.  Both Kandiss’ father and Uncle live on the same property. Yet  no one called 9-1-1 or took her to the hospital, until it was too late. No one called 9-1-1 when Jordan was injured either. WHY?


More History:

Kandiss and Mike went to the CMH on April 2, 2013, her due date wasn’t until April 20, 2013. Jordan was born almost 3 weeks early, and his lungs were underdeveloped. Kandiss continued to smoke throughout her pregnancy and didn’t try to quit until four weeks before his birth. (3/3/13). Too little effort .


Insert Post * nicorette

We met them in the maternity ward to see how they were doing. Her Mother, “V”, came from Portland and had picked up her Dad. They both showed signs of intoxication, they had whiskey in a water bottle in the room. They left the room for a short time and Poppa said they were out at the trunk of V’s car, drinking. Kandiss told her mom she could smell it on her breath from across the room. Kandiss asked her mom directly “ Then why are you here?” .. V’s Reply “To tell you it’s all about Jordan now, and it’s not all about you anymore”, which I thought was really odd thing for a mother to say to her daughter who was giving birth.

Mike had run back to the apt. in Ilwaco to grab Kandiss’ bag that she had left, while he was gone the nurse came in and checked. Kandiss was 7 cm. dilated. She immediately called Brian Zillman, which I thought was very odd at the time. Much later I found out that it was Brian who Kandiss was cheating with while she was pregnant with Mike’s baby.

After delivering Jordan, Kandiss remained in the hospital at CMH for 2 or 3 days, she was having trouble getting Jordan to latch on and be able to breast feed him. She was having the lactation nurses visit several times per day to assist her in breast feeding, it was not helping.

When I was in the room and I observed her trying to get Jordan to latch on, she had his head in a vice like grip squeezing his head trying to force him to her breast. I tried to explain to her that with his head squeezed like that it was unlikely that he would latch on. Kandiss exclaimed ‘I know what I’m doing, I don’t need your help” … even tho Jordan would not latch on and eat. I finally left the room because I could see all she was doing was stressing out.

On 4/5/13 Kandiss started keeping her Feeding Diary It documents in her own writing the few times she attempted to actually Breast feed vs. bottle feed breast milk. Between 4/5/13 and 4/7/13 it documents only 7 attempts at actual breast feeding, all others are bottle (aka daddy fed him). You can see the volume increase in the amount of breast milk pumped.

There are maybe 2 pictures of Kandiss even bottle feeding Jordan, da da (Mike) usually fed him. It was Mike who got up in the middle of the night, it was Mike who changed his diapers, she didn’t have a clue how, it was Mike who burped him and bathed him. Mike was his primary caregiver, not Kandiss. Mike also has 2 other teenage children, this was not his first Rodeo.

4/8/13: Kandiss posted on Facebook … 5 days old and holding his own bottle… She was ecstatic (Proud Mommy I am) .. I cried.

5 days old holding own bottle
5 days old holding own bottle


Jordan had a hernia. I told Kandiss that Jordan should not be left to cry so much it seemed he was always hungry or colicky, they took him to the Dr to have it checked out. (Records from Astoria Pediatrician?? (it was not in the records  at OHSU)

4/13/13: Jordan was 10 days old and the chart notes about his family life states “troubled” … Kandiss told them they were planning a move in about 2 weeks, however Mike was in a 1 year lease until the end of June, so there is no way he was planning on moving in 2 weeks. (Found in the records in the OHSU pediatrics room from Ocean Beach clinic). Where was she planning to go ?

One day as Daddy had just finished feeding Jordan, Kandiss walked into the room, and ran her fingers thru Jordan’s hair, he cooed and melted as she walked past, she just kept walking, like she didn’t even notice his reaction to her touch, again it was devastating to see her cold callous reaction to him, and his obvious desire to bond.

4/16/13: She posted a pic .. This is the only way he sleeps (on her shoulder) Even she comments, “He loves daddy more”


4/18/13: Kandiss stopped keeping her breast feeding/pumping log. Not because it was full or she didn’t have more pages.

5/8/13: For Kandiss’ 21st birthday (Jordan was 35 days old) she wanted to go out. We babysat. She pumped before going out, because she was planning on drinking and disposing of any milk for 12 hours after drinking. She also had margaritas with dinner on 5/7/13 which was my birthday, so she hadn’t been able to store much milk, around 5/10/13, she ran out of stored milk and Jordan was placed on formula. It is at this point that Jordan finally started gaining weight, he had not been gaining much weight since his birth and was not thriving.

On 5/10/13 Kandiss posts, hung over as ****, loves her Family and includes Chelsea.  They used to be close friends.

hungover, love family chelsea, zack, kelly
hungover, love family chelsea, zack, kelly

Kandiss met up with Brian Zillman again, some time between her 21st Birthday (5/8) and Mother’s Day (5/12). They started texting each other.

Mike had suspected Kandiss was cheating on him since November, around the time her grandmother died, and after she went out for her birthday and ran into Brian, he was convinced he was right, even though she continually lied and denied it. Mike found messages between them, texting while he was in the shower. Mike found the messages and posted them to FB (6/1/13).

texts w/brian
texts w/brian

5/12/13: Mothers Day – we went over to babysit they had to work at 4 pm, and Kandiss had to be in by 3:30, she gave me a beautiful Etched pyrex dish, To Nana, Love Jordan … Kandiss and I exchanged texts earlier in the day and she said Mike hadn’t hardly spoken to her since her birthday.

We would go over to visit and try to help out, the air was thick w/tension, Mike and Kandiss didn’t speak to each other, Mike was very quiet and Kandiss just hid out in the bedroom. At that time we were unaware what was going on between them.

5/19/13: Kandiss posted on Facebook (FB) that she was Homeless with a Baby. Turns out, she’d made arrangements for someone to come from Portland and pick her and Jordan up (min 2 hour trip), and never told Mike she was leaving until just minutes before.

5/19 posted homeless w/son
5/19 posted homeless w/son

Mike was devastated because at first he didn’t know where she had gone, only that she had taken Jordan. He saw the FB post and commented “Jordan will always have a home”. Her friends were all worried for her and didn’t realize she had spent hours making plans to leave because she didn’t drive.

comments on 'homeless w/son' post
comments on ‘homeless w/son’ post

Her friend, Taylor, messaged me, asking for details, it wasn’t my place, to share details so I didn’t. I only posted a comment that Kandiss was not telling them the entire story about why she and ‘baby daddy’ were having problems.

taylor richards, what happened?
taylor richards, what happened?

I made a comment on her post .. I asked her why she wasn’t telling everyone the whole truth about what had really happened .. that she planned to leave and made arrangements for a ride to Portland… so it wasn’t like Mike kicked her out like she made it sound”.

She also posted pics of the ‘first legal’ bottle she’d bought of liquor which was nearly empty. She was obviously drinking again.


Was this the move she was planning when she told the ‘clinic’ she was moving in 2 weeks ?? Or was she planning on moving in w/Brian??

It appeared as though she was using Jordan as leverage against Mike because he’d found out she had been cheating on him. Proving she was lying to him.

Kandiss returned from Portland a few days later. Mike and Kandiss were sharing the same apartment, but not the same room, they were barely speaking to each other and by June 1st, Mike asked Kandiss to leave.  She has told investigators that she ended the relationship but she continued to try to get Mike to forgive her and continue their relationship.

6/4/13: Mike posted their text messages on FB:

6/5/13: Kandiss found a place to move to over at “The Cove”. Several of their co-workers live there (Jessie’s IFCO). She had close work friends as neighbors and Mike was 2 blocks away. We were a mile up the road and there was a sort of ‘support’ network and we all tried to pitch in and help out with Jordan. Mike transferred Jordan back and forth every other day. Kandiss never made the effort, she always expected Mike to.

Kandiss had S & J’s (former Managers at The Cove, and Co-workers) daughter L  babysit if we weren’t available, before finding someone more permanent in Mid July, J. Work hadn’t really started back up since Jordan’s birth. so it was only Occasionally and sometimes I transported Jordan, they’d moved from the Cove to Ocean Park.
Kandiss told SNAP program, and said that she and Mike were living together so they combined funds and they added Mikes SNAP funds to Kandiss card, just as she moved out.

This left Mike w/out any food money for 3 months even tho he went to DSHS and told them the situation. They wanted to see Kandiss’ lease which she didn’t get to Mike. Mike kept asking Kandiss for it. When DSHS finally researched and found Kandiss was not living with him, and had not since June, Mike finally started getting some assistance.

She sent Mike a text and said he could get his “Mommy” to feed him. Kandiss complained that she lost so much weight because she didn’t eat for the last 3 mos (when I offered to take her clothes to her in late Sept). Who was using the food/SNAP money, if she wasn’t eating and Mike wasn’t getting it ??

Summer 2013:

6/10/13: Babysat while kids worked.
6/19- 20: *Me, Heart surgery in Portland.
6/24/13: Babysat Jordan, they hadn’t found anyone permanent yet.

6/27/13: Babysat Jordan, Shana can’t. **FB message**
Jordan not feeling well, they had a Dr. appt. earlier that day but Dr. couldn’t help?? Kandiss wanted to take him to ER but she didn’t have ride so I offered to take them? Got vicks vaporub and put it w/socks on Jordan’s feet, it helped clear his chest congestion and cough. They decided to wait and see if he continued to get better.

6/28/13: Babysat again, Kandiss can’t find sitter again. Always short notice, just before work. Kandiss couldn’t get anybody after trying all day, for several days. She had ‘used’ all her friends and was not paying cash, she was trading clothing, etc. for babysitters. (L). I didn’t mind and I didn’t expect to be paid. I enjoyed babysitting my grandson while they had to work.

6/29/13: After several days of not being able to find a sitter, Kandiss decided to send Jordan to her brother and sis-in law’s for undetermined length of time. She didn’t ask Mike, she told him. Her Brother lives in Chehalis an hour and a half away,  so we were not able to see Jordan. It was Mikes day to have him and she made arrangements to send him away. I was expecting to babysit Jordan and when I called to find out what time, I was told that Jordan had been sent away. I was heart broken.

Kandiss was not coping with work and new baby well, and having to find someone to watch Jordan while she worked Night shift. I kept telling them I would help but I’d recently had heart surgery and was still recovering. Jordan was sent to Chehalis w/out ever seeing the Dr. even tho Kandiss was supposedly so worried about him.

7/2/13: Offered to babysit whenever they needed one, so Kandiss wasn’t always searching for one. Jordan was supposed to be home yesterday, he still wasn’t home.

7/3/13: Jordan finally came home. His dad hadn’t seen him for nearly a week, neither had we. We Babysat because they had work that night. Kandiss still hadn’t been able to find a permanent sitter for her days, even tho Jordan had been away for a week.

Mike asked his kids (Donovan and Aleeyah) to babysit while they were here July 3rd til July 14th. After they went back home he me to babysit when he work or plans and only sent Jordan to Jessica occasionally.

Kandiss found Jessica Deibert to babysit, July 13th or 14th, 2013. I remember my brother was here for a softball tournament that weekend. I had Jordan for the day because family was here. I got a call from Kandiss telling me I needed to take Jordan to Mike’s and meet the babysitter outside (on the curb) and hand over Jordan, and Mike knew about it, NOW.

I had family in town for a visit and they wanted to see Jordan, like her Brother and Sister-in-law had just done for a week. But she demanded that I take him right then, we were in the pool enjoying the afternoon and visiting with cousins. She said that it was the only time the babysitter could come to pick him up, and Mike knew all about it. I later found out that was not true. Mike didn’t know anything about it and didn’t know who Jessica was other than someone Kandiss went to school with. Apparently, Jessica had also dropped everything to comply with Kandiss time frame. Kandiss manipulated us both. Especially since there was no need for a sitter in the first place.

Jessica said she had references and had previously babysat for some Coast Guard families. Someone else always drove, (I have always assumed it was Jessica’s dad), Jessica didn’t have her license until just before she stopped watching him. Jessica was very attentive, it seemed even more than Jordan’s own mother.

Occasionally, I noticed that Jessica sent pictures and videos of Jordan to Mike and Kandiss via FB, so sent her a friend request. (Photos and videos disappear if they aren’t sent to you and I wanted to save them because they were of my grandson. She did not accept until after Jordan’s skull was fractured, I thought that was odd timing. Not sure exactly when but sometime during the court hearings and CPS visits, Jessica blocked me. So now I don’t see pics of my grandson that either she or Kandiss post. I find it interesting that Jessica is at almost every weekly visitation, it seems Kandiss can’t relate to or deal with Jordan alone.

I never heard about the supposed ‘mark’ on Jordan’s stomach in Aug. 2013, until the FTDM after Jordan’s skull was fractured in Dec. 2013. I still don’t see the marks in the pictures tho others say they can ??? When did this occur?? (Chelsea says they look like the handprints Jessica left on Jordan at his BD party)?

I do know that Jessica bought Jordan clothes and a Halloween costume, that Kandiss told me she had purchased for him (isn’t not that big a deal, but why lie??). I know because I bought Jordan a costume from the same lady Jessica did, Krystal Ovaard. I know Jessica was devastated when Kandiss moved to Chinook in November and it was too far for Jessica to go. She quit watching him when they were all laid off from work, end of Oct. 2013 . Jessica watched Jordan for approx 3 mos. I also know that Jessica has been telling friends that she’s going to adopt Jordan since this whole ordeal first started.

Aug. 5, 2013 – Mikes Birthday. I fixed tacos for dinner before work. Because they were working and Jordan would be going to Kandiss’ in the morning, Jessica picked up Jordan approx 4pm. After work Mike and a couple friends from work went out for a drink, to celebrate, his birthday Kandiss found them them at the SeaHag at some point. When it came time to leave Mike and his friends went to his apt. (across the street), Kandiss tagged along. When the friends left, Kandiss didn’t. Mike asked her to leave, she wouldn’t. I do know that she broke 4 glass panes out of the front door accessible to anyone walking down the street who could reach in and unlock the door to the home where her son slept. I paid for the replacement glass so the door could be repaired. I do know she beat and choked Mike and the police were called. Kandiss was given a citation. I was under the impression that in any case of DV someone went to jail ???

Mike never lifted a finger against her.

Photo on Right: Jordan 12/3/13 received approx. 4:30 pm, Jordan was 8 mos old that day / Photo on Left: Mike on 8/5/13 – his birthday. Both had extensive bruising on Rt. Side of face.

A Judge issued a restraining order for Mike’s protection 8/6/13. She NEVER told the judge about Jordan, who was 4 mos. old when he instructed her not to contact Mike for any reason or she would be violating the restraining order, except for work, she did tell him they worked together. We went to her arraignment, and asked the judge to modify the restraining order to include Jordan, however Kandiss’ lawyer intervened and said ‘let family court decide this” The restraining order was not modified by the judge in South County Court. It is my belief, that The Judge, once he knew about Jordan, should have modified the restraining order immediately to reflect that there was a child and how they were to discuss his care.

Kandiss waived the right to a speedy trial, and we were told it would be sometime in January before the case was brought to court. Mike was not ever informed of any hearings or plea bargain or settlement on the Assault charges. Kandiss plead to Disorderly Conduct instead of Assault and the judge finally modified the restraining order on 10/14/13.

8/9/13: Jessica posted that Jordan is at the Urgent care, no one told his dad, he had to find out from Jessica’s post on FB.

Kandiss turned very negative and nasty towards the person they had both asked to be Jordan’s Godmother, Chelsea. Kandiss and Chelsea used to be friends, until Kandiss beat Mike on his birthday. Chelsea had maintained a friendship with both Mike and Kandiss after they split in June. Chelsea was upset that Kandiss only called her when she needed a baby sitter and not just to hang out, like they used to do. Shortly after Mike was Assaulted, Chelsea was also a victim of DV. She separated from her boyfriend and they started dating in Sept. 2013.

By Mid Sept. 2013 Kandiss’ posts on FB were increasingly nasty/negative towards Chelsea. Kandiss outright stated, Chelsea would never have a relationship w/HER son. ** Insert text message ??**

10/1/13: Kandiss texted Mike complaining that Jessica had informed her Mike had Jordan 5 days for 2 weeks in a row. Mike responded that it wasn’t his fault that he spent time with Jordan on his days and she sent him to the babysitter on hers. How does a mother not know how many days she spends with her child and has to be told by the babysitter ????

Custody changed to 3 days on … 3 days off at Kandiss’ request, prior to this, Jordan was taken back and forth between both parents by Mike every other day, at noon, since June 5th, when she moved out. They shared custody and expenses equally, since Jordan’s birth. The WIC coupons provided formula.

10/4/13: More derogatory comments about Chelsea, calling her “Psycho girlfriend” and worried Mike was incapable of caring for Jordan during a short power outage. Mike said “Kandiss was the only Psycho he’d met recently, on his birthday”. She acknowledged “Yep that was me” .

Introduce Kandiss’ New BF: Darin Nichols worked at Jessie’s (IFCO) on work release on night crew with Kandiss and Mike. He was released on from Washington DOC on 10/5/13. Kandiss told me before Darrin was released that he would be moving in w/her at The Cove upon his release. Kandiss didn’t ask Mike until 10/11/13 if Darrin could meet Jordan, a week after his release. Exact move in date unknown.

10/11/13: Kandiss texted Mike, before noon, asking if Darrin could meet Jordan and if he could come along when she picked Jordan up at the market. Mike asked about Darrin’s record and convictions

** Insert text message**

Later that nite Kandiss texted Mike asking if he was going to the Hag. (Local bar), apparently she was leaving Jordan at the babysitters even tho she was off, She just wanted to make sure Mike wasn’t going to be there so she could go drink?? ** Insert Text message??**

10/14/13: Kandiss texted Mike .. “Court went good today, I got the restraining order modified, they won’t drop it without you ?? I got the assault & malicious mischief dropped to disorderly conduct. The court did modify the restraining order but it was not dropped.

10/17/13: Got a call from Kandiss she needed a ride to WIC/ Health Dept. for 2 pm appt, short notice again. Picked up Kandiss & Jordan and met Darrin. When Kandiss went back into the trailer for something, I asked him what he had been in prison for and he told me it was Residential Burglary and Assault, he never told me about his convictions for Meth or Heroin. I asked directly, if there was anything else and he told me “NO”. I told him if he ever hurt Jordan there would be hell to pay, he insisted he never would hurt a child and that the Assault was on another adult male. He said he was trying to get his life back on track and I believed him.

I waited in the car, while Kandiss, Jordan and Darrin went inside, when they returned Kandiss said that they would not be getting WIC after that month, Jordan was only 6 mos. Old. WIC normally continues until the child is 5 ?? Why no more WIC??? To this day, no one has answered the question ?

10/28/13: just before 11am I got a FB message from Kandiss, asking if I’d gotten a car seat we’d talked about getting. Kandiss said she thought Jordan might be getting an ear infection he kept rubbing his ear. I had plans to go to Surfside to get some things, and postponed it because she said Jordan had been cranky. I dropped off the playpen and carseat I’d just picked up from Mike, picked Jordan up and took him with me for a ride.

After a drive I took Jordan back to Kandiss’, she’d set up the playpen just inside the doorway. Darrin was with her when we got back. Jordan was finally asleep.

She messaged me later that afternoon, saying that she was sorry for the problems it caused and wouldn’t ask for help again. I didn’t know what she meant.

I was unaware that Mike had previously told her to pick up all her stuff, not just cherry pick what she wanted here and there, but to take it all. It was taking up most of the living room. She moved out and just took a few things, never making arrangements to get the rest of her stuff. (No restraining order until 8/6/13, she’d moved out 6/5/13).

Halloween 2013: Mike was taking Jordan to Kandiss around noon, on Oct 31st for Halloween, I’d wanted to get pics of him in the costume I’d gotten him. He was already in the stroller and on his way down the street when I got there. Later that day, Kandiss posted that trick or treating wasn’t going to start until 5pm in Ilwaco, she had to work at 4 pm. Mike and Chelsea took Annabelle Trick or treating, w/Jordan.

End of Oct – Early Nov. : Chris and a friend took the rest of Kandiss’ stuff to her, at the Cove.

When did Kandiss move to Chinook ??? Above is her current cover pic (changed on 1/11/14) It was taken in her trailer at The Cove. She didn’t get the playpen until 10/28 then moved to Chinook soon afterward). It appears to me there is a bruise over Jordan’s right eye and he looks like my gram did, after a stroke, Did he fall ??

I didn’t hear from Kandiss again until I got a nasty message from her on FB on 11/10/13.

Kandiss Wardell 10:12am
I don’t appreciate your shit talking. Especially around my son. It needs to stop I dont talk shit about you nor anyone of your family. Please have some respect.

11/10, 11:26am
Nana Chel
what in the world have you been smoking ?? I haven’t seen jordan in days .. and I don’t talk shit about you .. you need to tone it down …
i would like to see jordan tho … Mike told me last night he was going to be there today .. I haven’t seen him since Mike took him to see you on Halloween day …
Kandiss blocked me on FB after this.

11/10-11/13/13: Mike picked Jordan up at noon on the 10th, just a couple hours after Kandiss sent me the above message. She and Chelsea had been having a war of sorts, Kandiss saying Chelsea was a whore and that she would never have a relationship w/Jordan. She had already tried to break up the relationship between Mike and Chelsea and that wasn’t working. I think she was trying to send Chelsea a FB message and got me instead, when you type a friends name it starts to autofill.

11/13/14: Monica Mata picked Jordan up around noon to take him to Kandiss. Mike was not aware of Monica’s situation w/CPS until after this.

16th – 20th with Mike:
11/16/13: Kandiss would not let Chelsea pick up Jordan at noon because Mike was working, and wasn’t with her. Mike had to take off work early to pick him up. She had recently moved to Chinook.

11/17/13: Kandiss posted lots of pics from the recent move to Chinook.

11/19-20/13: Kandiss and Mike had exchanged several text messages back and forth about days for visitation and who would do exchanges. Mike had already expressed concern about Monica Mata. Mike told her she needed to find someone else, because he would not allow Monica to have Jordan in her care with her current situation with CPS (3 children parental rights terminated/ and one pending termination).

On the 19th Kandiss texted Mike, she didn’t have transportation arranged to pick up Jordan and wanted Mike to bring him to her. He said he was busy, (we were having dinner), she got mad and said he could bring him to her since he was just having dinner w/family. She didn’t get it that she was the one who moved, and if she wanted Jordan it was HER responsibility to make those arrangements, not expect him to bring him to her every time. During the conversation she actually texted “Why do you even want Jordan in your life” … who would ask such a thing ?? She tried to say Chelesa’s mom had told her she was pregnant and had been in the hospital. Chelesa’s mom doesn’t know Kandiss and never spoke to her about it. She also seemed intoxicated or under the influence of something so there was NO way Jordan was going to her house that night.

Mike told her he had plans and he would just keep Jordan with him, and when she had someone acceptable to pick up Jordan to let him know.

Kandiss was not getting her way with who she was planning to have pick up Jordan or changing up the visitation schedule. Darrin’s sister finally picked up Jordan and took him to Kandiss on 11/20/14. First time Jordan got bloody nose was, at Kandiss’ house, that day.

Nov. 20 – 23 @ noon: with Mom

9:18 pm .. texts and asks Mike….

Nov. 23 – 26 @ noon: With Dad

Nov 23, 2013: Photo of Jordan with dad, shows no indication of bruising.

**Insert Photo**

11/25/13: Have pic showing Jordan’s left ear absolutely no marks or bruising taken at 4:06 pm.

Another taken at 5:06 pm, as they were getting ready to go to dinner. No marks can be seen on his left ear in either picture. Had dinner w/friends, you can ask them about his demeanor and if he had any marks. Cheyenne Lynn.

Jordan was fine and uninjured when he left his Dad’s house on Nov. 26, 2013 at Noon.

Nov 26, 2013: Jordan went to Mom’s house at noon, Zack and Kellie transported him.

Nov 27, 2013 : At 11:24 am Kandiss texts “there’s a few things we need to discuss” … at 1:30 .. she says .. it concerns our son … mike replied at 1:42 .. what’s up ??? (24 hours after custody exchange)

“we need to communicate about our son … I didn’t notice until this morning when we were outside in the sun, “He hasn’t fell on anything hard at my house, it looks like he fell from a distance. I’m really concerned about it.” (2 days later she texts “he hit his head on the leg of the table”, had she been drunk and blacked out/forgot??)

He’ll go to sleep for maybe 20 minutes and he’ll be up again screaming, I’ve tried everything to get him to sleep and it’s not working. I gave him a bath, held him, went for a walk, put him in his walker, fed him a bottle, baby orajel, baby ibuprofen, and even juice.

Had she/they been drinking the nite before?? Was he up all nite ?? if, as she says, he was up every 20 mins? Was it the new boyfriend of 5 weeks ??

Kandiss sent Mike one pic of Jordan w/a Bruised right eye and bump on his cheek.


The pics she gave to CPS and the Sheriff’s deputy are different and also include a bruised left ear and genital bruising. She NEVER mentioned the bruised genitals or ear to Mike at all in their conversation. She never specifically said his ear was bruised, just that it looked like “He fell from a distance” ??? How can you tell how far someone fell by looking at a bruised cheek?

Someone holding Jordan for the pictures, pinched the top of his ear to take the pics, the bruise from squeezing his ear cartilage is the only mark we saw. She never sent the pics of the bruised left ear to Mike. The only picture that Mike got was the bump on his cheek and what appears to be a blackened right eye.

Mike replied “He never fell at my house and he always sleeps thru the nite , from at least midnite to 7 am when we give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep”. I don’t know what happened at your place but he didn’t get that at my house and please put some clothes on him, all I see his him …naked all over FB ..

she replied her house is always 80 degrees and he’s always running around (he was barely crawling) most of the pics from her house are of Jordan on the floor, mostly in a diaper only.

She asked Mike what he likes to eat, she’s afraid to feed him.(Jordan is nearly 8 mos. old and she’s afraid to feed him solid foods). Mike replied he eats little bites of just about everything off his plate. She said she was afraid to feed him anything and was trying to get a ‘baby bullet’ so she could feed him elk. (Elk?? for an infant?). Who was feeding Jordan while he was with Kandiss, or does he just get bottles ??

1st tooth coming in. Mike replied “I noticed it Monday, knew it wouldn’t be long”.

The photos of Genital bruising were never shown to Mike before court, It’s odd that according to Kandiss there was a third mark under his ball sac that she did not photograph .. On Jordan’s 1st Birthday, Jessica is seen holding Jordan in a manner I find odd, I have NEVER seen anyone hold a child by their crotch … ever …

It would be possible for someone holding Jordan in this fashion to leave bruises, Jessica is the only person I’ve noticed doing this, that doesn’t mean she’s the only one who could have, since she claims not to have seen Jordan, but he was at his mothers house when the bruises seem to have ocurred. Those bruises were also gone by the time he returned to his Dad’s house on Nov. 29th.

11/28/14: Thanksgiving, they went to Gina’s for Dinner. She not see the bruise on his ear and eye (Pics from the day before). What did they tell her?? How would we have seen it on the 29th when he was returned to his dad if it wasn’t visible on the day before ??

11/29/13: Kandiss texts Mike and says “Jordan bumped his head the day before yesterday on the leg of the table” which was 11/27/13. Jordan had been with his Mother and Darrin since 11/26/13 at noon. The photos she has provided to CPS and PCSD were taken while Jordan was in her care and custody, for 24 hours, before being mentioned, or photographed.

We only noticed little circle bruise on Jordan’s ear and wondered where it came from, We didn’t notice any other bruising. After seeing pics that Dave has from 11/27 where Jordan’s ear is being held between/pinched for a photo of his ear I now know where that mark came from.

Dad picked Jordan up at noon 11/29/13. If Gina didn’t notice any bruising the day the day after, how were we supposed to a day later ??

11/30/13: Photo w/Poppa almost ready to pass out asleep. No visible bruising.

**Insert Photo**

12/1/13: w/Dad, Nana Poppa & uncle Chris. We left around 10 pm.
12/1-2/13: Texts were exchanged, Kandiss tried to send Monica again to pick up Jordan. Mike said NO, find someone else.

Kellie and Zac picked up Jordan at noon, they visited with Mike outside for a few minutes while Mike placed Jordan in the backseat and buckled the car seat in. Zac’s car was running the whole time and exhaust started to get into the car. Mike finished making sure that the car seat was belted in properly and they left.

Jordan was fine and uninjured when he left his Dad’s house on Dec. 2, 2013 at Noon. Kellie has testified to that in court. Zac was subpoenaed however he wasn’t called to testify, WHY??

Kandiss texted Mike after Jordan got there, re: Cough, she said she might take him to the Dr. if it wasn’t better tomorrow. Mike offered to take him that day and not wait til tomorrow. Was the cough from the exhaust fumes from Zac’s car???

She took photos of Jordan playing w/legos, they are posted to FB w/a comment. For documentation purposes these were taken at 10:02 pm on 12/2/13. What is Kandiss documenting?? that he WAS fine after he was picked up from his dad’s and after his fall in the kitchen, that wasn’t mentioned for nearly 6 weeks?? It does not appear that Jordan has any marks of any kind on his head at this time which Kandiss states is 10:02pm.

She testified she went to bed at 1am and got up at 7am, when Jordan woke up. She also testified that Darrin could have been alone w/Jordan between 1 am and 7 am. Did he sleep all nite long ??

Dave has been told by Kellie and Kandiss that Jordan was barefoot, not wearing socks, yet in her conversation w/Victorea she says he was ?? We didn’t find out about this until Feb. 1st, apparently Kellie told the deputy, not Kandiss, WHY?? .. unsure when .. but it wasn’t until at least 6 weeks after Jordan was in protective custody. Everyone said that Jordan fell backwards; Kellie, Kandiss, Darrin and Zac, altho Zac didn’t testify. Kellie said it happened after they came in from smoking a cigarette shortly after they arrived, Kandiss said it was late afternoon and Darrin says he can’t recall, but Jordan recoiled at his touch when he rubbed his head. None of the times appeared to match up. No one was asked if they had been drinking.

You don’t fall backwards and end up with a huge bump on the side of your head the next day. Toddlers don’t fall from their standing height and fracture a piece of their skull out. Research says pressure from a Vice Grip or Baseball bat is needed to fracture an infants skull, not a typical toddler tumble. That is why Dr.’s said Non-Accidental trauma.

12/3/13: Mike had to text Kandiss to see how Jordan was. Aprox. 11:45am. NO mention of any bump on his head just fever and cough. She also NEVER told Mike (or Dr’s or Investigators) about the fall, Kellie did.

Kandiss told Dave that Jordan was fussy / still looked sick ?? Yet, she told Mike his fever was down from ibuprofen and she was going to wait and see how he was feeling, instead of taking him to the Dr., which she said she was going to do the nite before. It does not seem that Kandiss is in any sort of panic over a bump at this time??.

1:09 pm Kandiss is on FB posting to her sis-in-law Ashley Gruse, “text me Sis?? wanna vent”??. Did she talk to Ashley that day, text or otherwise ? What did they talk about? Who else did she talk to or text ??? when ??

Kandiss doesn’t seem to be in any sort of panic over a bump at this time either. What time did Jordan go down for a nap?? Who put him down? Who was on the property? In the house??

4:24 pm 1st sign of any problem conveyed to Mike. Kandiss sent Mike a text about a bump on his head and taking him to the ER, she took him to the Urgent care 1st (what time??). Darrin’s mother, Gina, was called to look at Jordan, (What time??) Apparently she has had some EMT training??

This was the first mention at all there was a bump, or any problem besides a cough and fever. 4:26 .. .. LIKE HUGE!

Gina drove them to Urgent care and then the ER, even tho she has told Dave (CPS worker) that she didn’t think the bump was that significant ?? The bump turned out to be 2 skull fractures, NOT THAT SIGNIFICANT ??? she’s obviously not trained.

Which Urgent Care was Jordan taken to?? Why was he taken to CMH and not Ocean Beach Hospital in LB ?? Why didn’t anyone call the paramedics??

Mike and Chelsea were on their way home from Astoria, with a car full of groceries when they received the text and pic. They unloaded the car and put away all the groceries. We were going to eat dinner but I could see Mike was concerned, he kept staring at the pic she sent wondering what happened, and we hadn’t heard any update from Kandiss. I was worried too, Mike and I left for CMH to check on Jordan. (approx. 6 pm).

CMH Emergengy Room: what time did they Arrive?? When did Kandiss tell the Hospital about the restraing order ?? Did she tell them it was against her?

While we were on the way to CMH Kandiss called and said “His skull is fractured”, Mike asked “what happened”. She hung up. She called back and Mike asked again, “Kandiss what happened” her reply “His skull is fractured, OMG I”m going to jail, OMG I’m going to jail” … We were in Chinook and hadn’t reached the tunnel yet. She did not know that Mike and I were on our way to the hospital. Mike did not tell Kandiss that we were on our way until we reached the Megler Bridge, at that point he informed her we had just reached the bridge and were going to be there soon. Kandiss said that we shouldn’t come to the ER, she would let Mike know.

Mike called Chelsea and told her Jordan’s skull was fractured, he asked her to join us and bring the restraining order (he’d left it at the house) to the hospital. She also brought Poppa and Uncle Chris, after taking AnnaBelle to her Nan’s. They arrived after 7 pm, we still had not seen Jordan yet.

A police officer from Astoria arrived and stood watch just outside Jordan’s room prior to Chelsea and the rest of the family arriving.

When they had Kandiss and Darrin leave the ER, so Mike and the rest of the family could see Jordan, she couldn’t look us in the face or make any sort of eye contact or answer questions about what happened to Jordan.

We were finally allowed in to see Jordan and as we walked in the Dr’s said, it’s not just ONE skull fracture, it’s TWO .. to which I collapsed on the floor beside the bed.
When we entered the room, Jordan was not immobilized and was being held and passed around by the Male Nurse. This was AFTER it was confirmed that he had 2 skull fractures. CMH apparently did not notice/see the spinal fracture that was stated in all the initial reports from OHSU. Apparently it is some congenital deformity?? we don’t know because NO one will release his medical information to family. Just the CPS case worker, not even the investigating detective can get it w/out CPS approval.

After hearing the Dr’s evaluation I left the Exam room and went to sit in a rocking chair outside the room, not far from where the officer was standing. He told me not to jump to conclusions about who did it or what happened. (That tells me they knew at this point it wasn’t an accident, even tho we weren’t told that ). I told him that she said, “OMG I’m goin to jail” when she found out that his skull was fractured, and the restraining order was for my son’s protection, not hers. She was the abusive one and she had been putting us thru hell for the last few months. He seemed genuinely surprised, what had he or the ER Dr’s and nurses been told by Kandiss?? Where are their reports???

The “Panda” Team arrived from OHSU/Dorenbecker Hospital and did an assessment of Jordan, approx. 9 pm. He was finally immobilzed him because of the head trauma. Where are their reports?? There was also a social worker sent along, where is that report ??

The officer left once the panda team arrived and returned a little later. I had gone to get gas for the trip to Portland and some food, no one ate, we left so quickly. What did she tell the ER Staff and the Astoria PD officer to keep Mike from being able to see Jordan for so long ??

Outside the ER as we were getting ready to leave, her father threatened Poppa, who walked away and talked to the police officer. They (her dad and Darrin) said they didn’t threaten poppa so there was nothing the officer could do. We never saw Gina at the hospital.

We left CMH for OHSU around 10 pm, as they were prepping Jordan for Transport. Kandiss rode in the Ambulance with him to OHSU in Portland, with the Panda team and Social worker.

We arrived at OHSU just after midnite, we were told to wait in the waiting room (AGAIN) until a social worker could come talk to us, Kandiss and her mother, “V” were in the ER Exam room with Jordan.

After talking to the social worker and giving her the Restraining order, Mike and I were allowed into the ER to see Jordan, who by this time was very uncomfortable, he was in a neck brace and his head was double in size, just from the 2 hour trip over, and black and blue. He was crying and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I believe it was at this time that we were told Jordan also appeared to have a compression fracture to his spine, the hits just kept coming .. We have been totally unprepared and astonished at what has happened since.

I looked across the bed to find Kandiss’ mother “V” standing like a wooden soldier, with her finger barely reaching out to Jordan. At first I did not recognize her, she was gaunt looking and appeared distant. I started to ask the nurse to remove her, then I realized, he was her Grandson too. She abandoned Kandiss when she was young, (that’s what we have been told).

They were just getting Jordan some pain medicine and he was crying and screaming, I tried to comfort him, his head was so swollen. He looked so miserable, No Grandmother should ever have to see that, but we both did. It was horrific to see him like that, but no one could tell us what happened. “V” just stood there, like a zombie not offering or attempting to console Jordan.

The social worker finally did come get “V” apparently Kandiss needed her? A police officer came to speak with Mike just outside the room. The rest of the family could observe Kandiss in the little room w/the police officers, being frisked, she was being arrested by the OHSU police. Mike did not ask them to arrest her or have anything to do with it.

Kandiss had managed to get the restraining order MODIFIED on 10/14/13, she was only restricted 300′ from his home, they could communicate about Jordan and work together, she wasn’t arrested for violating of the restraining order. Mike said he told the officer he didn’t want her arrested, but the officer replied “I’m only doing what I’m told” .. who told him to arrest her ??

The family observed “V” and Kandiss, they say “V” exhibited signs of meth intoxication, (twitching and swaying back and forth) she eventually returned and grabbed the diaper bag.

Orderlies arrived and were taking Jordan for his first MRI at OHSU, Mike was talking to the officer, “V” was following Jordan down the hall and I told Mike, he had to go. He raced down the hall to catch them. I went with the social worker to rejoin the rest of the family, Chelsea, Poppa, Uncle Chris were in the waiting room and had been joined by Mikes Aunt and Uncle who live in Vancouver. We were escorted to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) family waiting room.

Mike and Chelsea both accompanied Jordan for his 2nd MRI, it was then that Chelsea heard the MRI Dr. and nurse discussing the MRI as it was being conducted. She heard him respond to the Nurse’s question how old the injury was, he replied the injury appeared to be aprox. 6 – 10 hours old. Why hasn’t this Dr. or Nurse been interviewed?? Only the ‘expert’ testified, yet Jordan was seen by many Dr’s at OHSU.

12/4/13: Mike met with and talked to several Dr’s. about Jordan, his condition, and how his injury occurred. As far as we know these Dr’s never talked to Kandiss because she was in jail at the time. At approx. 2 pm Mike was informed that CPS had a court order to take custody of Jordan and we were escorted from the PICU/Hospital. I collapsed in the hallway and needed nitroglycerin for my heart condition. I had heart surgery just a few months before and was still recovering at the time. I had been doing well until this occurred. They called a heart team to check me out while they stood blocking the entrance to the PICU ward.

We rushed to Jeff and Annette’s (Mikes Aunt & Uncle * my brother). Mike called Dave from the car, upon learning that we couldn’t even see Jordan and asked what we had to do to see him, we were extremely concerned about his condition, and Mike hadn’t been anywhere near Jordan when the injury happened. We STILL didn’t know they were considering this a Non-Accidental trauma, we didn’t learn that for several days.
Mikes Aunt and Uncle are State Approved Foster Parents in Washington State. Dave agreed that with one of them present we could return to the Hospital to see Jordan. We immediately returned to the Hospital to be with Jordan. We stayed until late the next evening, barely sleeping and not eating.

12/5/13: Returned home from OHSU late evening/early morning in order to attend the FTDM (Family Team Decision Meeting) at the local DSHS office in Long Beach, Wa. Kandiss was released from Portland jail that day and was told that if she tried to return to the Hospital she would be re-arrested. (Court testimony by Dave Marshman).

Read Kandiss’ post on FB when we stopped to get something to eat. Kandiss posted on FB: He has 2 fractures on his skull and fracture on his back. The hospital says he was grabbed by the right arm and swung into the wall w/extreme force … message on FB between Kandiss and Cheirey Hupp, OMG what happened to lil baby boy? .. I know his mom would never do it. Kandiss replied I would never hurt any one’s child. Kandiss beat my child.

12/6/13: Had separate meetings at CPS office due to restraining order. We were given 45 minutes to plead for Jordan’s life. It had snowed overnight, only Dave Marshman was present for CPS, several unidentified others were on the phone, even tho it snowed Mike’s Aunt and Uncle drove over from Vancouver for the FTDM. Kandiss’ meeting was held after our meeting, she did not have ANY family members attending, only co-workers and friends. The Babysitter, Jessica, attended both.

After the meeting we packed some things and immediately returned to OHSU. Mike packed a bag for Jordan, of his toys and some clothes to make him more comfortable at the hospital and to send with him. We were painfully aware that Jordan would not be returning home until after a dependency hearing at some later date. Chelsea and Mike wrote a note to the Foster Parents about Jordan, and what his usual habits were and things he liked.

Mike and Chelsea gave Jordan a bath and washed his hair. When Mike rinsed his head, he exclaimed, Oh My God. We were astonished at the size of Jordan’s head and the disfigurement. The disbelief that his head was that swollen and we were told at 4 pm, they were discharging him.

That is the SIDE of his head that is protruding out over his arm. But apparently the experts at OHSU didn’t take any measurements throughout this entire ordeal ???

Weather conditions returning from Portland over the passes were treacherous at best. Areas of barely passable roads. But CPS had custody and the foster parents arrived around 7pm to travel over snow covered roads at night, in below freezing temps.

Even tho Mike’s Aunt and Uncle are Wa. State Licensed Foster Parents, Jordan was placed in Foster Care with strangers and put on unsafe roadways.

12/7/13: Met w/PCSD Dep. Eastam after arriving back home from OHSU. Sometime between midnite to 1 am. He told us about his own personal disdain for CPS because his niece and nephew had been taken from his family. He informed us he had just .. been to Kandiss’ house (4 days after being reported??) and had photographed a blanket, he showed everyone the blanket, it was not one we had ever seen. Apparently she was claiming was transferred back and forth with Jordan?? Mike noticed the blanket seemed to have blood on it .. and when he asked the officer, he was told, YES, it appeared to be blood.

It turns out that the blankethas Jordan’s  blood, so Jordan was placed in his crib with at least a bloody nose.

How many bloodspots, wouldn’t that give an idea how many times Jordan was placed in his crib with a bloody nose.

Notice the initial picture she sent of Jordan to his dad, shows a slight indication of a bloody nose


This has not been disclosed to the courts by the detective… WHY ??? and apparently the PCSO has decided they are finished with this investigation ?? It was an accidental injury, according to Deputy Eastam. He tried to get expert testimony that the OHSU experts were wrong but even w/parental consent he couldn’t obtain Jordan’s medical records. CPS has the authority, no one else.

Something is wrong, CPS and the Sheriff’s department are not cooperating on this investigation of Child Abuse. The CPS case worker says they normally go out together on visits to question people, however the deputy assigned (who dislikes CPS & knows the bf’s family) works the night shift, the opposite schedule of the CPS Case worker ??? and the Sheriff’s office won’t re-assign the case to someone who works the hours the case worker does, and doesn’t know the family and attend church with them. Recently the bf’s Father was arrested in Oregon for Heroin and Meth, coinsidence ??? I think the sheriff’s department wants an informant (Ex-con BF) and doesn’t care what happens to the Child who they believe was abused, while in his mothers home.


FB Post: conversation Kandiss w/Taylor Richardson: .. What makes you think she (implying Annabelle) didn’t push him or kick him down the stairs, or away from her in that chair ?? I’ve been watching their pages ???

**Insert screnshots??**

Feb 5, 2013..FB post/meme .. my ex .. ya i’d still hit that … w/a baseball bat.

March 28/29, 2014: Darrin’s father was just arrested in Astoria for heroin and Meth possession / sales and had 2 children taken by CPS .  The report from the Clatsop County Sheriff’s Department states that he “was made known to the sheriff’s department”, like someone snitched ??

4/2/14: We got to see Jordan at McDonalds for his 1st Birthday. When Dave arrived and came inside, he informed us that Jordan had bumped his head that morning on the crib, and had a purple mark and small bump on his head.


Jordan had also fallen while playing with a toy in the CPS visitation room. He fell from standing height and bumped his head. Neither time did either fall or bump look anything like the bump on Jordan’s head from when Kandiss was taking him to the ER in Dec, when she said “nothing happened”. None of these typical toddler tumbles was enough to cause a piece of his skull to dislodge.

His injury was not an accident, we agree with the Dr’s. And are very disappointed with the police investigation that was done into his abuse at the hands of someone in his mothers home. She failed to protect Jordan and allowed her son to be hurt, if she wasn’t responsible for inflicting the injury herself, she was at least grossly negligent.

Jordan needs to be home in his fathers care, immediately.


Seeking Justice for Baby Jordan, the day he was 8 mos. old he was taken to the hospital with 2 skull fractures and suspected compression fracture of the spine. We have waited for months for any news about the arrest of the person or person(s) responsible. A fine site